GTA San Andreas Cheat Codes
26 Jun 2015

Complete List of 86 GTA San Andreas Cheat Codes | Easiest Cheats Guide

GTA San Andreas Cheat codes is just one the thing, that I use to Google in my Childhood days. Well, GTA San Andreas has been one of the most popular and most played game from the time it was launched. GTA San Andreas made its debut to Play Station in 2004 and its Windows and Desktop Version was launched in June 2005 by Rockstar Games, since that time every kid has just been blown away by this game. Even today it’s been complete 10 Years that it was launched, still people are really passionate about this game and they really want to Play this game again and again. I also recently completed GTA San Adreas like 26th time 😛 , but still I really love the Graphics and the over all environment feel of the Game. Rockstar Games recently Launched GTA San Andreas on the Mobile Platforms Android and iOS,

08 Jun 2015

10 Best Windows 8.1 Themes | Top 10 Windows 8.1 Themes 2015

If you have recently switched to new Windows 8.1 operating system, then you might know that you have numerous choices available online to completely change the looks and feel of your new operating system. Sometimes it feel little bored with something you have already tried many times and still it sticks to the same with its new update as well. We do have thousands of visual styles which we call “Themes” are available for free download and will simply change the overall look of your system. The themes significantly make each and every part of the Windows modified including the taskbar, start button and brings in all new icons. Here is a list of Top 10 Windows 8.1 Themes Top 10 Windows 8.1 Themes 1. Base – Top 10 Windows 8.1 Themes It is quite really a dark theme which is simple and looks extremely great. With a black taskbar it

The Facebook logo is shown at Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, California May 26, 2010. Facebook announced efforts to better guard the privacy of its more than 400 million users, addressing mounting pressure on the world's most popular online social network to protect personal data exchanged on its site.  REUTERS/Robert Galbraith  (UNITED STATES - Tags: BUSINESS SCI TECH)
22 Mar 2015

Top 10 Cool and Productive Facebook Tricks

If you are being a Facebook addict like me, then there is possibility that you are well aware about the regular stuffs including adding or deleting friends or updating the statuses, writing on the profile and walls of your friends, adding and exploring through the applications and pages and much more. This time I am here covering the top 10 cool Facebook tricks which are unknown to many but are quite interesting as well as help you in better connecting with your friends. The simplicity of the Facebook makes it really popular. On regular basis, Facebook does add some features and even make announcements on the press pages but none feel interested for going there. Without any further fuss, here are the 10 cool Facebook tricks which you are unaware off. Placing the Facebook Chat on the Firefox Sidebar If you are a Firefox user, you can easily place the

12 Feb 2015

How to find lost phone using android device manager

Now-a-days, each and every person owns a smartphone but what if it gets missing somewhere around? No one can imagine their lives without their devices as they do rely on them for saving important data including personal pictures, messages, contacts, official documents and much more. In the year 2013, Google revealed their ADM app i.e. Android Device Manager which helps in locating lost smartphones and even overcome the fears associated with security. This app not only shows the location of lost device but even allow users to delete all the contents from their device. Furthermore, it is quite easy to set up ADM so there lays no excuses about its usage. Now, the question arises “how to find lost phone using android device manager?” don’t get muffled up. Relax and just continue reading further. How to get started with Android Device Manager ? Always link your smartphone or other devices like

11 Feb 2015

Best Gaming Laptops 2015 | Top 5 gaming Laptops 2015

Being into the world of technology, gaming is one of the most important part which is quite influential. If you are not into any technical terms or into any hardware issues, it is important to keep your hands on the right laptop. This particular segment of the tech market influenced numerous companies that they actually dedicated their whole existence in developing the perfect technology in order to fit themselves with the complex consuming software. Let’s take a look at the best gaming laptops 2015. Do you know what actually need to be considered while buying the best gaming laptop? Umm… it is quite simple to answer as the first thing to be considered must be the graphics of the gaming laptop. Technology moves on with a rapid pace and choosing the best hardware will be the best choice but if you can’t afford it, go with the best graphic chipsets.

best action cameras
19 Nov 2014

Best Action Cameras | Top 5 Action Cameras

Our best action cameras ? Well well well … another gadget in this heavily expanding world of gadget. Best Action cameras are in great demand these days , as people are too much into action , adventure sports and stunting,  they all want to give the best shot for their Activities . In this post you all will come across some cameras best suited to you for shooting your stunting and adventure sports.   These best action cameras are tested in variety of conditions and then we came out with these top 5 Cameras to be called as the  “best action cameras”.   Here are some of the features on which we evaluated these cameras :- (1) The dirt conditions which prevails while taking some rough shots. (2) The various modes which can give user some great shots. (3) Shooting of the mountain edge and focus adaption on a particular shot. (4) Efficient working on static shots. (5)

19 Nov 2014

Best Graphics Card | Top 5 Budget Graphics Card

Best Graphics Card today has become really essential in every graphic computer/laptop and to have a best graphics card is one of the best thing these days to make your laptop’s/ pc’s eligible for it should also have a nice processor. If you meet these requirements you can easily use the best graphics card in your pc. To know a bit more about graphics card BEST GRAPHICS CARD Why to buy one of the Best Graphics Card ? If you are a video editor, you work in field of graphic designing or you are a hardcore gamer. Your system should be equipped with independent best graphics card with strong processing power and an optimal frame rate to be able to work or game quickly. As your system generally comes up with the standard integrated video chip-set which is available by default on your system (PC) is not good and cannot handle or

new-call-dialer copy
11 Nov 2014

10 iOS Secret Codes for iPhone and iPad

So we have actually collected a list of around 10 iOS secret codes, which will work on any of your iOS device. Firstly, I wasn’t an easy job simply because iOS is not an open source application as compared to its rival Android. In Android, finding such tweaks and codes is much, much easier as compared to iOS, here is one of our similar article for Android, you should definitely have a look at. But don’t you worry guys, you are just at the right place although some of the things that we are going to perform with these codes can sometime be done using some apps, but these codes are going to make the job much easier for you, all you need to do is just remember the secret code and type it up in your dialer. 10 iOS Secret Codes for iPhone and iPad :- 1. Helps you

09 Nov 2014

Best earphones 2014| Top 5 Budget earphones

Are you satisfied with your pair of earphones ? Most of us always need more from our earphones, instead of being completely satisfied with them on every front. So in this post I decided to list the best earphones of 2014, well that’s not just all, this article is not gonna be like the others. A few weeks back I lost my sennheiser in-ear earphones so started to search for currently the best and budget friendly earphones but I pretty much landed up no where and had to completely rely on amazon’s review section to choose, about that time I decided to put up an article that will actually help you guys to buy the best and budget friendly earphones without reading the reviews section. Here is the list of best earphones :- So without any further talks, lets just dive into the depth and parameters with which I have rated

use google maps offline
29 May 2014

How to use Google Maps offline

 This article explains step by step procedure to use Google Maps offline mode on iOS, Android devices. In order to use Google Maps offline , the current Google Maps application for iOS and Android has been updated and redesigned with a large portion of twelve new characteristics that make getting around a bit less demanding. Around the upgrades: Google Maps will now let you know which path to stay in, so you don’t miss your passageway, it’ll also let you know what bars, restaurants and lodgings are open adjacent; and you can set flight times, which take into consideration more exact open travel gauges. Maps will also show a choice to spare that zone for utilization without internet association. Google is acquainting a route with deal with those disconnected from the offline maps excessively, permitting clients to see what areas they have spared through. Turn-by-turn route in Google Maps is additionally get a